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Developments in the Construction of Waterside Residence


Update on cosntruction


The construction is progressing dynamically, and according to the latest developments, the following activities are underway:

Several significant steps have been taken on the construction site recently. The installation of the geothermal mechanical system beneath the foundation slabs has reached 100% completion. Additionally, the construction of Building “B” has commenced, with the first phase of the foundation slab already poured.

Following excavation work on Building “C,” the construction of the elevator shaft and other recesses has begun, while on Building “D,” the construction of the ground floor ceiling and transformer rooms has been completed.

In Building “A,” the vertical structures on the ground floor are fully formed, and in the area of Building “L,” nearly 900 m² of basement and ground floor garage space has been completed.

We appreciate your continued interest! Please continue to follow us on the exciting journey of construction, and we will provide further updates soon!

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Sales Launch at Waterside Residence

Sales Launch at Waterside Residence

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